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Why you should buy an iPhone with us? Top 5 Reasons

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Buying an iPhone is always an investment that requires consideration. Find out how you can save by buying a used one and why you should do it with us.

1. The main difference between our used iPhones and the new ones is the price.

Many of the iPhones that we sell are like new, that is, although they have been used, they do not have any use marks and are immaculate, like a new device looks. Given that these iPhones are no longer new and had another owner, we are able to reduce the price to 40% less compared to the “new” solution.

Essentially you get an original iPhone, which works perfectly when you buy at TecmagnetShop. At the same time there is a lot of money left over that you can use for whatever you feel like!

In addition to our used iPhones like new, Grade A and A +, we also have Grade B and C, with some use wear where savings are even greater. In this handsets, maintenance of its components is sometimes carried out to ensure that:

  1. The Battery has a good capacity and behaves normally.
  2. The Screen has the original performance
  3. The iPhone charges and holds the charge cable as a new one

All of our Grades have the same performance and all features are guaranteed to operate flawlessly. That is, a Grade A + will not have a better battery life than a Grade C, or a Grade A will not be faster than a Grade B.

2. Our customers only receive the best used iPhones in the world.

We have used iPhones coming in from all aroun the world.

As they were used, we have a rigorous evaluation process in place to ensure a high quality standard in every handset we sell.

Upon arrival, they are disinfected and all of their internal components are thoroughly tested with powerful software tools and, in a second part, manually by our staff.

How are they tested and analyzed?

Here is our step-by-step manual process:

  1. The technician responsible looks for aesthetic damage so that we can designate the aesthetic grade of the used iPhone. A +, A, B or C.
  2. We check if the iPhone has already been in contact with liquids. If it turns out that it was, it is automatically rejected from our stock. We do not sell to our customers any handset that may have been in contact with liquids.
  3. We connect the equipment to a computer to check the battery status and the quality of the cable connection. If it is below 80% of the original capacity, it is replaced by a new one.
  4. Then the functional tests begin. Among many the main checks are:
    1. Full functionality of buttons and switches
    2. Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connection
    3. GPS signal capture and Gyroscope functionality
    4. Quality of audio capture by the various Microphones
    5. Audio quality of the various speakers
    6. Image capture quality from all cameras and flash lighting
    7. Carrier and iCloud Unlocked
    8. Mobile Network signal capture and call quality.
    9. Touch or Face – ID functionality.
  5. Finally, the update to the latest iOS version supported by the iPhone is made.

If the equipment fails in any of these steps, it is rejected from our stock. Do not worry! These iPhones won’t go to waste 🙂

We have partners who reuse the parts of these units to repair other iPhones.

This way we ensure that our customers only receive iPhones that are 100% functional. With all the guarantee of operation and longevity of a new one.

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3. We don’t force you to keep and handset you don’t like

Did you receive an iPhone and you don’t like it because you have that risk, you don’t like the color or you think the screen is too small for your hands?

Just return it! It’s free!

At TecmagnetShop, each purchase is covered by our satisfaction policy.

This procedure allows our customers to evaluate the iPhone they have purchased for 14 days from the moment they receive the handset.

If you want to give up on your purchase you just need to:

  1. Email or phone us to assist@tecmagnetshop.com or +351968371058 within this period.
  2. Print and paste the emailed shipping label on the outside of the packaging where you received the iPhone.
  3. Our carrier will pick up the package in the next business day.
  4. When we receive the iPhone and confirm that it is in the same condition as it was sent to the customer, we refund the amount paid or exchange the handset for another.

This way, you are completely free to try our iPhones and, if you regret it for any reason, you don’t have to be afraid because going back on your decision will cost you nothing!

We just want you to keep our products if you are 100% satisfied and we will do everything to ensure your satisfaction.

4. A 1 year Premium warranty that works free of charge

All iPhones sold at Tecmagnetshop have a 1 year warranty.

In the event that your iPhone has an anomaly during the warranty period, Tecmagnetshop ensures collection at your home, repairs and returns at no cost.

How long does it take to get your iPhone back?

We know that your iPhone is very important in your life and we strive to ensure that you have it back in record time. On average, your iPhone is back in your hands in 3-7 days. There may be situations in which, due to the nature of the operation, this time may be extended. However, if it turns out that the repair is taking too long (more than 3 weeks), we send another unit identical to yours, for replacement.

Know everything about our premium warranty service here.

5. A contribution to a more sustainable consumption

Each iPhone produced requires the extraction of precious materials from nature. This process causes large emissions of carbon dioxide and the consequent destruction of natural habitats. Studies indicate that between 85% and 95% of an iPhone’s carbon footprint is generated during the production process!

Thus, when buying at TecmagnetShop you are contributing to responsible recycling of existing resources and to sustainable consumption in environmental terms. This prevents the emission of kilograms of carbon dioxide to our planet. Electronic waste which is highly harmful to our ecosystems is not wasted, but reused!

Still have doubts about our service? Nothing a good conversation won’t solve 🙂

If you wish, you can also see some of our customers reviews here.

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