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Just paid, when will I get my order?

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The average reality

Have you ever purchased something from an online store, for yourself or as a gift, but the store fails you with your expectations and plans by not delivering in time? This is a very common issue that most customers have to have when shopping online. You might be put in very uncomfortable situations where deliveries take months or get lost altogether. The fault might be with the seller or the postal company but either way, it is for your inconvenience. It is also annoying to get a proper refund if the item gets lost in the mail as roughly 3% of all mail does. This can be very costly and disadvantageous too, especially if you are buying a mobile phone or a similarly expensive product. 

If you do not wish to have poor online shopping experiences you definitely should order from Tecmagnetshop next time!

The Tecmagnetshop way

We are a company that prioritizes the expectations and the convenience of our customers. We have one word, with one meaning. 

Our main goal is to provide used high-end tech at incredibly affordable prices, still meeting our rigorous quality standards. We are helping many people who are searching for iPhones, Macbooks and accessories at low prices, also while helping the environment, minimizing pollution and electronic material waste.

As the customer is our priority, we also feature some great services for their convenience. Our 14-day return policy ensures that no customer is unsatisfied after a purchase. On top of it all, we also feature an unmatched delivery system that is absolutely free and ensures your item is delivered within our advertised timeframe.

Which are Tecmagnetshop delivery estimates?

At Tecmagnetshop we use two different delivery periods 24 business hours or 7 business days. If we are unable to comply with the advertised time, our customers are either compensated with free accessories / vouchers or fully refunded.

Every item has its estimated delivery time updated dynamically, depending on the product availability at our Portuguese warehouse. 

Where can you find the delivery time information?

You can check this information in every product page, above the “Add to Cart” button. Check out the example below:

As it is automatically updated, this piece of information can sometimes be outdated for several hours since Tecmagnetshop is linked with numerous sales channels and there are concurrent orders in our system at all times. If that is the case, we will get in touch with the customer to explain the situation and, if necessary, proceed to a full refund within 24 business hours. 

All details you need to know about our delivery timelines

Slow deliveries and bad customer service are some given disadvantages customers have to settle with when buying products for relatively cheaper price tags. However, we are different. We, Tecmagnetshop, provide the customers with premium features like fast delivery and a premium warranty. The fast delivery service makes sure that all our customers get their orders right on time and that no one’s valuable time is wasted. The standard delivery only takes 1 day and it can be up to 7 days max in special scenarios. Following are some reasons that affect the standard delivery time:

  • Product availability: not all products that are listed in our store are actually in stock and available for purchasing. The buyer can check the delivery date mentioned on the product’s description and it states the number of days it can take for the order to be delivered. If the product is in our own warehouse, we will be shipping the product to you in the same day (for orders payed until 6pm local time) in 24H express shipping. If not in stock we will be working with our European partners to get the product back in stock and deliver it. This process can take up to 7 days (maximum) and we advise our customers to check our descriptions well before ordering as they are updated dynamically depending on availability.
  • Technical issues: these could happen to any seller out there. Technical issues are not foreseeable and could happen at any time. It could be a fault with our servers, our pricing, or the database, but we will tend to the issues as soon as possible and get the orders processed and delivered.
  • Postal service: this is also another very common issue that most shoppers have to face. Most postage tasks are carried out by humans and mistakes might happen. But we assure you that necessary refunds and returns will be awarded in such instances.

We guarantee to have the product delivered within a certain timeframe and we stick to our word. Customers can always keep themselves updated about the order status and whereabouts from the tracking and other logistics information the postal services provide. If the problem is different and customers need more information about their orders, they can always reach us out via our Customer Service Hotline +351 968 371 058 (call fees may be applied) or by simply emailing us on assist@tecmagnetshop.com.

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