Our Premium Warranty

All used equipment is sold with a 1 year warranty. You can buy and try it at will, without any concern. In case your equipment has any sign of functional failure, TecmagnetShop ensures the collection, repair and return of the item at no cost.

Our 100% satisfaction policy allows the customer to purchase any equipment, see and test it without any commitment in the first 14 days. In the case the customer doesn’t like it for any reason, we will refund the full amount paid, free of charge.

What to do if your equipment stops working properly?

If for any reason you notice that your equipment is not performing normally, you should immediately contact our team by email to assist@tecmagnetshop.com. In this contact you just need to report the symptom. In most cases it is possible to resolve the situation remotely, with settings in the equipment’s software. If we are unable to resolve the symptom remotely, you should check if the equipment is still under the warranty period so that we activate the collection and repair procedure.

WARNING: In cases where the equipment is damaged due to improper use, negligence, fall or spillage of liquids or intervened by a company or technician external to TecmagnetShop, the warranty is automatically void and the customer will be liable to pay the costs of repair, maintenance and transportation of the equipment.

Procedure under warranty

For Online orders

If you bought the equipment online, just send an invoice photo to assist@tecmagnetshop.com and we will send a shipping label in your email. Costumer must print the shipping label, pack the equipment properly (we recommend packing in the box provided by TecmagnetShop) and deliver the order with the shipping label to the courrier that will pick up the package. The equipment will be sent to our facilities, repaired and sent back to the customer’s address, 100% functional, without any cost.

Procedure outside the warranty period or in the event of an accident

In both cases, if you purchased the equipment at TecmagnetShop, we offer a 10% discount on the repair price. You should contact our team via email to assist@tecmagnetshop.com.

If you have not purchased with us but need a repair do not hesitate to contact us for a quote

How long does this process takes?

Under Warranty

In the First 14 Days – If there is an anomaly in the first 14 days, we will immediately replace your equipment with another one.
In the remaining Warranty Period – We commit to solving the problem within 4-20 working days(depending on the fault), otherwise, we replace your equipment. (valid for Apple devices only)

Out of warranty

In most anomalies, the equipment is repaired within 4-20 working days (valid only for Apple devices)

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